Colourboard : Forest


The Colourboard for the forest is one of the least important parts immediately, but will have a huge bearing on the tone and shadows throughout the scenes backdrop.

I liked the intense colours that come through European forest’s in the Late Summer and Autumn and so focused on images from those seasons.


The mixes of browns, oranges and greens will be used initially and then faded out to a similar colour palette as the storm once the later sequences of the Short Film begin.

3D Environment References – Part I

To give us a brief sense of what the level of realism we wanted to achieve, I collected a small sample of different levels of 3D-Real environments for comparison and to find out what features of them worked, or didn’t work.

Each of these scenes made use of soft shadow and intense areas of light to create a greater sense of realism, whilst maintaining a level of colour and texture that made it obviously 3D, achieving what I consider to be a much more appealing aesthetic that full realism.

I’ll go into deeper research concerning these once design of the Environments actually begin, but for now, I wanted to have a basic shortlist of things to look at properly when that time comes.