Colourboard : Wolf


Finding images of wolves comprised of either intense shadow, ash or light was pretty difficult – not due to the lack of content, but the wading through excessive amounts of poor renderings and depictions in the form of DeviantArt ‘OCs’. Fortunately, the excess of those meant that the good references were indeed very good.

I assembled the images into a spread of varying colours, and then created my colourboard from that, trying to create a fragmented set of tones that would reflect the fragmentation of the antagonist.


We ended up with a nice range of colours, mostly deep greys and reds, with some blue and green tints to act as highlights against the skyline. Hopefully, this palette works well for us. Time will tell.

Colourboard : Forest


The Colourboard for the forest is one of the least important parts immediately, but will have a huge bearing on the tone and shadows throughout the scenes backdrop.

I liked the intense colours that come through European forest’s in the Late Summer and Autumn and so focused on images from those seasons.


The mixes of browns, oranges and greens will be used initially and then faded out to a similar colour palette as the storm once the later sequences of the Short Film begin.

Colourboard : Storm

For the Storm, I looked at a large variety of tropical storms, as I wanted to the storm to have a very electric and exotic colour scheme and feeling.


I found a large variety of deep blues and purples, with some sharp whites and oranges burning through the images and the subsequent colourboard.


Colourboard : Stream

For referencing and a colour tile, I compiled a collection of images or paintings of Streams and Rivers that we felt suited the aesthetic we wanted to create in our Environment.


Specifically, the green and grey mossy colours that come through on the hard earth or rock in most of the images, suits for a good contrast against the warm oranges and yellows of the meadow.


Colourboard : Meadows

For the Meadow Sequence of our Short Film, I put together a short colour and reference board of what our meadow should or could look like.


Specifically looking at a range of yellow/orange/reds and deep autumn colours. I also added some more grass-leaf references and looked at blossoming trees or images similar to our environment designs.