Updated Animatic (Animation completed)

This was the point where my workload really bumped up, as the pressure now shifted from Anna to me, with the need to quickly begin rendering approaching.

Fortunately, I had great support and was able to begin rendering the first shots fairly promptly, with only minor revisions needed.

In reflection, we still have a handful of shots that I’d like the opportunity to re-render and prep for the EOYS.


This is the version of the animatic with all the animation (minus some environmental animation) completed. There are still some aspects such as leaves rustling and brambles slithering that need finished.

You can see some of the completed backgrounds, and also an example of how the entire film will look while rendered, as the first two shots have been completed in this version of the animatic.

As you can see, I copied the posing and framing from the original 2D animatic to the best of my abilities, and put a lot of emphasis on creating good strong silhouettes with the characters.

Below I have shared examples of some of my personal favourite shots from the entire film. I think they show off my skills in layout, posing, timing and expressions quite well.


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Environmental Textures

The colour palettes established in these pieces of artwork by Anna were used to help work out the tone of each sequence and what kind of lighting would be required.

For the darker shots, harsher and slightly purple tinted lights had to be used to ‘frame’ the characters and help them pop out of the background.

Alternatively, in brighter shots, a yellow directional light was used to cast shadows around them to make them stand out from their environment.


The plan was for every single background of the film to be completed in a very painterly style, with thick, visible brushstrokes and bright colours.

Part 1: Skyspheres

SKYSPHERE_MEADOW_02 This Skysphere is used in Scenes 1 & 2. It is the pleasant, normal sky that appears when all is calm and at peace. As you can see I used very vivid colours and thick brushstrokes to paint the fluffy clouds to create a very fun and carefree sky.

SKYSPHERE_CLOUDY_01_wip This second Skysphere is used during Scene 3, when the rain begins to fall. The colours are still natural, signifying that the situation is not so far from reality, but the swirling vortex of the clouds tells us that the worst is yet to come.

SKYSPHERE_STORMY_01 The colours have gotten even more intense and surreal for this skysphere that is utilised during Scenes 4, 5, 6 and 7. The contrasting colours create a sense…

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Project Poster

The Idea for the poster came from one of my favourite video game covers of all time, being Fable 2.



After much brainstorming we settled on the title “Storm Within” for our film.

Following the general aesthetic of the film as a whole – that being painterly with very vibrant colours – I designed the poster so that it could properly represent the overall colour scheme and tone of the animation and represent its themes.


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Updated Animatic


This is the second draft of our animatic.

Major changes involve:

  • Making the Warren more likable. They appreciate the company of Marshmallow and show concern for him when he doesn’t immediately cross the stream.
  • Timing changes. Some scenes that originally went by far too quickly have been lengthened. The same has been done for scenes that went on for lar too long, they have now been shortened by several frames.

Colour overlays were added to give us more of a guide on how to light/colour the scenes when it comes to that stage of production.

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Skin weight Issues

These Skin Weighting issues would plague both of us for a while, and solid week of our time was spent simply trying to navigate how to fix and find them. Even longer spent actually fixing them.


After Callum built the model for our main character and set up the skeleton, I took it upon myself to fix the skin weights on the model.

Unfortunately this was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated, and many problems arose:

buttleg problempaintweights_problem_01paintweights_problem_02why

Unfortunately, trying to fix all of these issues resulted in us taking much longer than we had anticipated on the rigging process, and we had fallen behind on our schedule.

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Animation Tests


While we were fixing the paint weights on the model for our main character, I went ahead and did a few animation tests.

Ear_rig_GIF I made a very simple rig consisting of a sphere and two ears to practicing conveying emotion with body language. As ears are a very big feature of a rabbit I decided to practice animating them.


rabbit_run_02_gif This run cycle (both are the same animation just shown at different angles) was mage using the most usable version of the rabbit rig. This was mostly to see whether there were any major faults with the rig itself that would affect the geometry. As you can see there is a tiny bit of an issue with the elbows not being able to stretch fully outwards, but apart from that and a minor issue with the hips, everything seemed ok.

doggo_run_gif This dog rig was given to me to practice animating with…

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As the trees were going to be flat planes (with a tiny bit of curvature to hide the edges) it was going t be fairly easy to model complex and organic shapes. I drew several trees based on common european deciduous trees (Alder trees, mostly) and one (the thicker tree) was based on the Japanese cherry blossom or Sakura tree, as it was the only tree that exists in real life that I could find to match the shape of the tree on the hill.

Callum modelled the trees while I UV Unwrapped them and painted custom textures for the trunks, branches and painted image planes for the leaves.

These are all the custom images I made for leaves and miscellaneous shrubs that will be scattered throughout the undergrowth.

cherryblossom_leavesTree_leavesblackcurrent bushesMisc_shrubs

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Character designs

These were the character designs from which I would begin modelling the characters – this would take time and many iterations, as I would frequently go back to make changes or edits as many of the features didn’t translate clearly from 2D to 3D.


For the rabbit characters I wanted to keep them looking relatively realistic, with slightly exaggerated proportions.

However the feedback I received for the design of the main character was that he looked a little too generic, and that there were some shots in the animatic where he looked a lot more appealing, so I changed the design of his face to be more round.

expression sheetNew Marshmallow face ref

The Bramblesnake is a character concept that everyone seemed to like, so it was important to make him appear as visually interesting as possible while still appearing scary.

Callum has the idea to make the snake look more Draconic instead of looking like a normal snake (as many people find snakes to have adorable faces), which would hopefully make him look scarier.

Bramblesnake FaceBramblesnake Face_front

We found no problems with the design of the Bramblesnake so we went ahead and modelled him.

The Cloudhawk is only going to appear…

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