Modelling : Trees and Shrubs

For the environment, we wanted our trees in the background to still cast a shadow and have a semblance of physicality in the environment.

Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.00.17

> Far  Hill Cherry Blossom Tree.

Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.00.52Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.01.02

> This uprooted Tree is the only fully 3D one, as it has a sequence of animation in which it is spinning.

Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.01.59

This is the first of a handful of trees that we used to populate the rest of the space in the environment background.

Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.24.33Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.25.08

We then applied textures and image planes of the leaves Anna had drawn to these models and referenced them into the scene.

Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.01.44Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.24.23Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.24.56

Next up, some smaller pieces of shrubbery that would fill the underbrush around the trees.

Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.25.32Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.25.47Screenshot 2018-01-21 14.26.03



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