Modelling : The Snake

The Snake itself was very much the formation of an idea for a cool shot I had, in which the brambles around the Rabbit during a chase scene would writhe and form into the shape of a snake. As such, initially, the snakes body was basically just a long thorny vine.

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Because the snake was pretty much coiling into complex shapes and very long spiralling motions, I made his body very long, adding some slight tapers to make it less of a pipe cleaner. However, the focus was always going to be it’s head, as several of the shots were of it hissing or leaping forward, jaw agape.

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The Snake model itself didn’t encounter many problems – it didn’t have much motion and so there were fewer points of deformation, so we didn’t have to spend as much time fixing things as we did on other models – which was helpful, as we frequently encountered a lot of problems once we got to the rigging stage.


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