Character designs

These were the character designs from which I would begin modelling the characters – this would take time and many iterations, as I would frequently go back to make changes or edits as many of the features didn’t translate clearly from 2D to 3D.


For the rabbit characters I wanted to keep them looking relatively realistic, with slightly exaggerated proportions.

However the feedback I received for the design of the main character was that he looked a little too generic, and that there were some shots in the animatic where he looked a lot more appealing, so I changed the design of his face to be more round.

expression sheetNew Marshmallow face ref

The BramblesnakeĀ is a character concept that everyone seemed to like, so it was important to make him appear as visually interesting as possible while still appearing scary.

Callum has the idea to make the snake look more Draconic instead of looking like a normal snake (as many people find snakes to have adorable faces), which would hopefully make him look scarier.

Bramblesnake FaceBramblesnake Face_front

We found no problems with the design of the Bramblesnake so we went ahead and modelled him.

The Cloudhawk is only going to appearā€¦

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