Workload Assignment Sheet

So, after submitting this week’s presentation on Blackboard, I realized I needed a more thorough way of keeping track what was done.

A simple enough Googlesheet’s assignment tracker would serve the purpose, with a few changes. If needed, I could expand parts later to accommodate more people and more complex projects. But at the very least it would give a clear view of what needed done for when, and who was doing it.


The Sheet is divided easily enough, into the four sections we are marked on, that way we could easily view what we were short on and what we had too much of at any given point, and adjust accordingly.

At a glance currently, it’s obvious we lack enough Technical work, but once we move out of the initial phase, that switches around and Technical Research and Workload becomes the bulk of it.

A Link to the Sheet below allows anyone to view what we’re currently doing and what stage of the work we’ve planned up to.

At the moment, we’ve only generally planned as far as Christmas, with Specific planning going every two weeks and being updated accordingly on the sheet.

Some parts of the project will continue ad-infinite however, mostly surrounding other forms of planning and research.


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