Run Rabbit Run : Video References

Aside from images of Rabbits, I wanted to identify the more technically important part of how Rabbits would run – looking at how they moved whilst in motion, whilst static and how they would interact with each other regularly.

This particular video showed very large rabbits moving and digging – displaying their actions whilst eating.

An immediate notation is that when they move, their backs raise in an arc before forcing down on their front paws, giving the image of their hind legs kicking up.

This video, from the same source, also acted as a good comparison to how our main character would move. A much sharper and bouncier hop, as opposed to larger gait of the main group.

This video from the Discovery Channel, showed a young rabbit being chased by a weasel, and raised a few interesting points about how to set up the scenes or display the character fleeing.

Notably, they  mention that they run in their own footprints, going over already worn trails, which could both maintain a realism to the behavior, and more clearly display that our character is trying to catch up with the rest of the Warren, by literally moving in their footpath.

This video, featuring the largest continental rabbit in the UK, Darius – highlights the type of behavior we want to display in the bulk of the Warren, as opposed to our main characters skittish and frantic movement, the rest would be more of a slow plod, with a clear sense of direction and no obvious feeling of fear.

This video in particularly will serve as a good reference for how our Rabbit will move – with the slow motion footage giving a clear view of it’s locomotion.

This video as a technical resource for animating the Rabbits will also be useful, as it gives a lot of clear footage of idling Animation and how they move when either startled or in play. All of the footage I gather here is compiled for Anna to use as an initial reference for animating.

This footage, from a video I can neither pronounce nor type, has some nice crisp and clear footage of a Rabbit stopping and starting, as well as idling in between.

The sheer quantity of Rabbit videos is nothing to be scoffed at, though sorting between those that either have the rabbit get shot during it, (or are filmed by what I can only assume is a one armed troglodyte living in a world where rotating their phone 90′ is the most egregious crime they could commit), is nothing short of a pain.

A staggering number of the footage seems to come from Japan for whatever reason, but does at least seem to have the trope of being good, well shot footage for the most part. Making it invaluable when it comes to getting a wide berth of references for how a rabbit moves and acts.

This footage is a nice sped up video focusing on a group of Rabbits, one of the few I could find in such good quality. And was a particularly nice reference for how the Warren could interact with each other, to further highlight a discrepancy between how they behave towards themselves and towards our main character.

I have a much larger bulk of footage available, and will be compiling a playlist of all watched and referenced videos. But for now, at the expense of turning this post into an unending spool of Rabbits, I’ll summarize the experience of researching video footage of Rabbits.

Why are there so many Anime Credit Songs over footage of Fat Blond Rabbits doing nothing.


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